First Post!!

Hello everybody!!

I’m so excited to start blogging on my new site!!  I usually write on my other blog  It’s a recovery/ministry blog documenting my progress in recovery from an eating disorder and what the Lord has taught me along the way.  I plan on eventually using it to start my own ministry in working with girls who have eating disorders.

Anyways, I really just wanted something fun where I don’t have to be all serious all the time.  Life is way than just living with an eating disorder and I’ve finally begun to claim that for myself!!  So I decided to start Girl Meets Soy to go along with that.  This is  just going to be a random mish-mash of my life.  It’s going to be lots of fun, have lots of posts about food, music, fashion, books, and anything else that pops into my head.  It’s basically me on paper…….electronic paper.

Well, here goes.  I hope you enjoy reading!!!


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