Workout Rockout

If you have ever seen me working out at the gym, then you know I’m crazy.  The second I climb up on the elliptical, I clip on my Ipod, turn my music up full blast and take off.  Now you may be thinking, “Well sure, I do the same thing.  I LOVE working out with music.  What’s so strange about that?”

That my friends is where the similarities end.  You see, I am a rare breed of exerciser because…………………

I like to sing while I workout.  And not just sing, I usually dance too, and flail my arms about, and pound the handles of the machine in time to the awesome beat of the drums.

When I exercise, it’s more than just a time to burn off some calories and break a sweat.  It pretty much becomes a private audition for American Idol.

Yea.  I’m pretty much like that guy.

Except I’m not a guy.

And I don’t sing out of tune.

And I promise I sound a WHOLE lot better.

But it’s not like I do it on purpose.  I just can’t help but sing along to the tunes jamming on my Ipod.  The second I hear the music start up I just get all excited and fired up and completely lose myself in the music. I’ve tried holding it back  but I find that I just cannot keep quiet.  Before long I’m belting out tunes like I was all alone in the choir room, but unfortunately, I’m not, and about a thousand other people are working out right next to me staring at me like I’m a complete lunatic.


I would love to see myself on camera sometime when I’m working out.  I’m sure I look like a total weirdo who has completely lost her mind.  But you know what?  I really don’t care.

When I rock out to the songs on my Ipod it motivates me to exercise.  It pushes me to go harder, faster, and longer than I would if I was tunes-free.   Not to mention by the time I’m done I’m sweating like a pig and my hair is drenched with sweat.  So much for straightening my hair beforehand….


Also, singing is my passion.  It is freeing, liberating, and if I may say so, something I am pretty darn good at doing.  I always have a song playing around in my head no matter what.

So what about you? 

Do you like to sing while you work out?  Or are you one of those people who are totally creeped out by your vocally-gifted challenged workout buddies?

Top 5 Favorite songs this week:

1.  Red–“Outside”

2.  Red–“Faceless”

3.  Red–“Feed the Machine”

4.  Glee–“Don’t Stop Believing”

5.  Evanescence–“Tourniquet”


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