Who am I?  That’s a question I know I’ve asked myself many times over the years.  The funny thing is though, that answer never stays the same.  In fact, just when I think I’ve finally gotten to know who I really am and what I like, all of my interests change!  Life is so crazy that way!

I stole this from my old blog because it is a perfect illustration of me in a nutshell.

Who I am:

I am a girl who is not afraid to speak her mind about the
matters that are closest to her heart.
I am reserved, smart, caring and sometimes just a little bit
zany when I get too excited. But that is okay, because it prevents me from being
totally boring.
I am tall. I always have been tall, I always will be tall.
It’s just who I am. It’s kind of apart of my identity.
I am extremely creative and love challenging myself in every
aspect possible.
I like random things and childhood games and crazy, seemingly
insignificant stuff that no one else seems to care about. Just the sight of a
single red balloon floating through the air is enough to make me smile.
A lot of people would mistake me for being a quiet person, but
in reality this is not so. I just do a lot of thinking which usually keeps my
mind occupied. Or sometimes I just can’t think of what to say. But I’m not
I have done and still do a lot of crazy stuff.
I have a huge imagination that sometimes gets me into trouble,
but can still be a great asset. I overanalyze everything and constantly stive to
do things differenlty from everyone else. I like to set myself apart from the
norm and go beyond the limits.
I would be lying if I told you that I do not like things to be
perfect. I am a perfectionist.
Morals are very important to me and shape my actions.
I don’t like to cuss (although sometimes I do when I get
I don’t like dirty movies, or raunchy television shows or the
explotation of sex.
I don’t drink.
I don’t smoke.
I don’t do drugs.
I am a hopeless romantic but am very careful about dating. I’m
just not exactly keen about getting my heart ripped to shreds by some
self-absorbed, irresponsible, uncommited male who’s only dating me for my looks.
So I’m going to save myself the heart-ache by really taking my time in finding
the one who is right for me. My future-boyfriend; my future-husband.
I live for old musicals and vintage designs and adore Gene
  I am also scared about everything. From the unknown to the known to the
widely feared, my brain is constantly going about a million miles an hour,
fretting over the littlest thing.
  I hate conflict. I wish that people would never fight and
there would never be a reason to cry.
I am very frugal (most of the time) about spending money on
myself, but will frequently shell out 5 bucks on an impulse to buy small
trinkets for my family.
And sometimes even though I find myself desperately wishing to
be separated from my home, I still really love my family.
I love my mom, dad, sister, brother, and even the
super-annoying barking dogs.
Any day of the week I would gladly take a bullet for
 I also have a huge heart, for those that are
hurting, and alone and unloved. I can even pray for my neighbors who are greatly
disliked and for the estranged members of my family.
I always try to find the good in some people. I don’t like to
put others down.
I believe that God has given me a heart for girls who are
struggling with eating disorders and aspire to one day work with them in helping
them overcome these challenges. I am not interested in the fame or publicity
that could come from this job, but rather just want to tell the world who I am
and where I’ve been and the events that have led me to my current
I want to love the Lord
my God
with all my heart and soul and my mind. I want to be the person that He has created me to
be and have a relationship with Him that is so solid, so strong, and
deep, that nothing can ever tear it down. He has performed some amazing miracles
in my life and continues to show me the depth of His love.
I am wonderfully and fearfully made.
There have been no mistakes in my creation.
But I think that out of all the things that comprise who I am,
this one fact is the most important of all…

4 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks I really like my layout too lol! I actually designed my banner on my computer. It took me FOREVER to come up with a name too!

    • Thanks! It has been a long and hard road but I have learned a lot and come out a much stronger person. Still got a ways to go though! I hope that I can help at least one person with what I’ve learned.

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