It’s Okay to Have a Nothing Day

It’s 12:00 am.

I’ve been on the computer all morning just doing pretty much NOTHING.

Reading blogs, watching TV, checking and re-checking emails a million times.  And then checking them again and finding nothing (why doesn’t anybody like me???!?!?!?!?! wahahaha!!!!!!!….*sniff*)

I’m still in my pajamas.

I haven’t even taken a shower yet.

The only exciting thing I did all morning was make breakfast.

I’ve pretty much just been sitting on my butt on morning.

I used to hate days like these.  The mere thought of lounging around in my pajamas for most of the morning would send me into such a fit of anxiety that I couldn’t even allow myself to sit down for more than an hour at a time.  My morning routine used to be as follows:

1.  wake up.

2.  immediately jump in the shower and spend an hour getting ready.

3.  meander downstairs.

4.  eat a leisurely breakfast at the table.

5.  wait like 10 minutes for my food to digest.

6.  Strap on my sneakers and go for a walk around the neighborhood.

My eating disorder was so powerful during this time, that I wouldn’t let myself rest for even just a few hours because I was so afraid that my “inactivity” would cause me to gain weight.  This went on for about a year and I found that even in the coldest months, I was STILL pushing myself to get out the door and go for a damn walk in the freezing cold.

Even in February.

I distinctly remember one time that I was furiously banging my feet on the cold ground every couple of steps because they had started to go numb due to the biting, frigid cold.  I had to actually stop in King Soopers and thaw out on the way back because my feet were screaming in pain.  By the time I got back home I could barely feel my toes and collapsed on the couch in exhaustion.

All of this because I HAD TO EXERCISE.


Did I mention that my eating disorder is a bitch?  No?  Well it is.

My point is that I used to be so obsessed with exercise that it consumed every moment of my every day.  I didn’t get a chance to enjoy a lazy morning because the very next thing I had to do was exercise.  In fact, I had to hit rock bottom before I could even begin to start recovering and letting go of exercise.

Now I have learned that it’s okay to spend some time lounging around in the morning sitting on your butt and just doing nothing.  I don’t even worry about going out for a walk in the morning any more.  I like to preserve my morning and lie around being, well, just being lazy.  But that’s okay.  I get up extra early every other day to work my butt off at my job so I think I am more than entitled to a few hours of relaxation.  Eventually I will get up, heave myself into the shower and get ready but right now?  I’m choosing to just stay right here.  My body needs the rest.  I need the rest.  It’s good for me.

So, it’s 12:00 am.

I’m still in my pajamas.

And I don’t care 🙂


Chocolate for Breakfast

Lately it seems that pancakes have taken over my houshold.  Ever since I made my mom’s molasses wheat germ pancakes I have been OBSESSED.  Let’s see…. Today’s Friday right?  Out of 5 days this week I think I have made these pancakes about 4 times.

And I’m still not tired of them. 

But this morning I was feeling a bit crazy, and decided to take it one step further.

I was craving pancakes.  I was craving chocolate. 

Hmmm…. I wonder what would happen if I combined the two……


I’m an evil genius.

Be careful cause these babies are dangerous!!

Dutch Chocolate Pancakes for one


1/2c Oat Flour

3 TB Wheat Germ

2 TB Flax Seed Meal

1/2tsp baking powder

1 TB Cocoa Powder

1/2c lite chocolate soymilk (you can also use original soymilk, or almond milk)

1/4 cup egg whites

But what really made these pancakes shine was my signature chocolate sauce.  I invented this stuff on a whim a couple of months ago and have been known to slather it on anything from pancakes, to oatmeal, to french toast, to apples slices.

Raina’s Chocolate Sauce


2 TB Almond Milk (use can more or less milk depending on how thick you want the sauce to be)

2 TB Cocoa Powder

A couple drops of Stevia to taste

Directions:  Whisk firmly in a small bowl with the tip of a knife or a spoon until the cocoa powder breaks down and eventually blends in with the milk.  The result is a super creamy, super rich, super decant chocolate sauce.  O-MAY-ZING!

There they are cooking in the pan.

OooOOooh look how chocolatey.

Needless to say, I had a VERY happy belly this morning.

And in the Morning, I’m makin’ WAFFLES!


Yesterday I had the most amaze-a-balls breakfast!  Behold!On the plate–wheat germ pancakes.  In the bowl–plain yogurt, cocoa powder, stevia, protein powder.

I made up this delicious batch of whole wheat, flax seed, wheat germ pancakes.  My mom has been making these  pancakes for my sister every morning for the past few weeks.  After drooling over them for so long I finally decided to just make some for myself.  They came out perfect!  I love their rich wheat flavor and how they rise and get really fluffy if you cook them just a few minutes longer.  Mmmm…just how I like my pancakes!!

Molasses Wheat Germ Pancakes for one (adapted from Natural Healing Cookbook which I highly recommend)

Makes about 6 small pancakes


1/2c Oat  Flour

3 TB Wheat Germ

2 TB Flax Seed Meal

1/2c Soy or Almond Milk

1/4c Eggwhites

1 TB Applesauce

1 TB Molasses (optional if you want it sweeter)

1 tsp baking powder

Note: if the batter is too thin you add in more flour until it’s thick enough.

Served with a side of carrots and peanut butter.

Look how fluffy!!

Well, my tummy is having a fit right now so I’d better get some brekkie for myself.  Hmm…..I think I’ll make pancakes again!