Fashion Friday

I have been a huge lover of fashion ever since my middle school days.  Back then it was all about accessories and spending hours trying to style my hair into something intricate and interesting.  These days my personal style has evolved into something very chic, simple and vintage.  I am so glad that I can finally fit into cute clothes again.  A year ago I was at such a low weight in my eating disorder that all I could ever wear was my workout clothes.  Ehhhh—BORING!!!    I try not to follow the trends in the magazines or on the racks and instead create my own unique look.  Anyways, here are some photos of what I wore this week.  Please excuse the poor quality of photos.  I don’t yet have a good camera so right now I have to settle for my camera phone…

Okay so I actually didn’t buy this, BUT I am planning on getting it as soon as a get a J-O-B.  Nautical striped trench coat, black dress pants.

I love this outfit.  Grey sparkly striped tee from TJMaxx, plaid blue button up lace shirt from Plato’s Closet, black leggings.

This was my interview outfit for this week.  My mom acutally helped me pick out that shirt when we went on our little shopping spree for my birthday.  We call it the “Wedding Shirt” because it is this gorgeous blend of mauve and slate grey, the exact colors in my mother’s wedding.  Grey throw from TJMaxx, Wedding Shirt from TJMaxx, black dress pants.

Another fave.  Grey shrug, black lace tee, black leggings, grey scarf from Target.

H&M denim button up belted with oatmeal-colored Forever 21 short sleeve cardigan (This was about 10 bucks at Plato’s!! I love the giant wooden buttons!), black leggings.

Off white button up shirt dress, black belt from Forever 21, grey leggings.

Close up of the necklace.

Well, that’s all from this week!  I hope you enjoyed.  I do alot of  thrift shopping and love getting clothes off the clearance racks .  I have been able to find some really cute pieces this way!  My favorite places to shop are good ole Target, Forever 21, Plato’s Closet, and TJMaxx.

Have a good day!!