I’m Broke…Now What do I do for Fun?

I’m on a pretty strict budget until, like, FOREVER, so I really can’t afford to spend any money on anything IMPORTANT like clothes or new jewelry or makeup.  And I would rather not stay at home because I get so bored that it’s like dying a slow and painful death.  So when I actually have a day off of work and my friends aren’t around, I only have three places that I like to go:

1.  The Gym

2.  The Grocery Store

3.  The Library

Don’t laugh.  It’s not nice.

While this may seem like the most borrrringest (is that even a word) list, these places are actually great inexpensive options because:

1. They’re free

2.  They provide endless hours of entertainment

3.  I don’t leave the store crying my eyes out because I’m super depressed that I can’t buy this totally necessary gorgeous summer dress at Forever 21 and even though it’s on sale for only like $25.00 I kind of really need the money for other things like food and protein powder (crack) and the gazillion gallons of gas that my car eats up every freaking week because it’s a freaking demon-possessed car!!!

It has ruffles and lace and everything....


Life is so unfair.


But all whining aside, grocery shopping is probably my favorite low-budget option.  I love wandering up and down the aisles, scoping out new products, trying exotic dishes, and conquering fear foods.  I also have a certain obsession with snapping pictures of random food objects that I find interesting.  While most people’s phones have pictures of themselves, their friends, their dogs, their grandma’s dog, and their mother, about 95% of the memory on my phone card contains pictures of food.

Tofu scramble, english muffin, veggies, and the obligatory spoonful of tomato paste.

I’m pretty sure I have a problem….

But then again, my grandma doesn’t have a dog so what else am I supposed to take a picture of ?

Anyways, here’s some of the goodies that I found shopping this week!


I have an unnatural obsession with measuring spoons.  I already have at least 3 at home, but I need at least one more because they get dirtied so often.

Almond yogurt!!??

Whhhaaaattt????  ALMOND YOGURT!!   I am so super excited to try this new yogurt.  One of these days I am going to have to scrounge up the $1.29 cents and buy it!

Vintage Cereal!

I have always loved looking at vintage ads for cereal and food products.  Something about the simplicity and their weird marketing techniques make me smile.

If only....

This syrupy goodness looks so delicious.  I only wish there was a healthier option.  I also like how they spelled “caramel” correctly.

Whhaaat? Pineapple jelly??!!!

Mankind has done a beautiful thing by inventing jelly of the pineapple.  To be honest though, I’m a little scared to try it because it might be super sour!!

Mango. Jelly.

I. Love. Mangoes.

I love when they are super ripe and sweet and juicy and the nectar just drips down off of your chin and you can eat the entire thing, skin and all.  I eat one at least every night if I can afford it.  I’m pretty sure my life is not complete without this jelly.

I must buy it.  Now!

That’s all of my finds from this week!  Hope you enjoyed!


What was your favorite thing?

Where do you like to go where you’re on a tight budget?